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1.Festivals are meant to celebrate important times of year. 节日就是庆祝一年中重要的日子。(P1)

2.Most ancient festivals would celebrate the end of the cold weather, planting in spring and harvest in autumn. 大多数古老的节日都是庆祝严寒的结束,春季的种植和秋天的收割。

3.At that time people would starve if food was difficult to find, especially during the cold winter months. 在那个时代,如果食物难以找到,特别是在寒冷的冬天,人们会挨饿。

4.Some festivals are held to honour the dead or to satisfy the ancestors, who might return either to help or to do harm. 有些节日,是为了纪念死者,或使祖先得到满足,因为祖先们有可能回到世上(给人们)提供帮助,也有可能带来危害。

5.For the Japanese festival.Obon, people should go to clean graves and light incense in memory of their ancestors. 在日本的盂兰盆节,人们要扫墓、烧香,以缅怀祖先。

6.On this important feast day, people eat food in the shape of skulls and cake s with ”bones” on them. 在这个重要的节日里,人们会吃制成颅骨形状的食物,和装点有骨头的蛋糕。

7.It is now a children’s festival, when they can dress up and go to their neighbours’ homes to ask for sweets. 万圣节如今成了孩子们的节日,这天他们可以乔装打扮到邻居家要糖吃。

8.India has a national festival on October 2 to honour Mohandas Gandhi, the leader who helped gain India’s independence from Britain. 印度在10月2日有个全国性节日,纪念默罕达斯·甘地,他是帮助印度摆脱英国的统治而独立的领袖。

9.People are grateful because their food is gathered for the winter and the agricultural work is over. 过冬的粮食收集起来了,农活结束了,人们都心怀感激。

10.The most energetic and important festivals are the ones that look forward to the end of winter and to the coming of spring. 最富有生气而又最重要的节日,就是告别冬天,迎来春天的节日。

11.At the Spring Festival in China, people eat dumplings, fish and meat and may give children lucky money in red paper. 中国人过春节要吃饺子、鱼和肉,还要给孩子们送红纸包着的压岁钱。

12.These carnivals might include parades, dancing in the streets day and night, loud music and colourful clothing of all kinds. 狂欢节期间,人们身着各种艳丽的节日盛装,伴随着响亮的音乐,在街头游行,昼夜跳舞。

13.The country, covered with cherry tree flowers, looks as thought it is covered with pink snow. (节日里)整个国家到处是盛开的樱花,看上去就像覆盖了一层粉红色的雪。

14.Festivals let us enjoy life, be proud of our customs and forget our work for a little while节日让我们享受生活,让我们为自己的习俗而自豪,还可以暂时忘掉工作中的烦恼。

15.Many people celebrate Christmas as though it were just a holiday to have fun with family, rather than a holiday about a belief. 有很多人庆祝圣诞节,因为尽管它只是一个假期,有乐趣与家人,而不是一个假日的一种信念。(P4. EX II.)

16.Don't look forward to the day you stop suffering, because when it comes you know you'll be dead. 生于忧患,死于安乐. (Tennessee Williams) (P.4. EX III.)

17.A dog starving at his master's gate predicts the ruin of the state. 树死先从叶子黄. (William Blake)

18.I would rather have a mind opened by wonder than one closed by custom. 宁愿创新,不愿陈腐. (Gerry Spence)

19.Gather you rosebuds while you may, old time is still a flying, and this same flower that smiles today, tomorrow will be dying. 未雨绸缪. (Robert Herrick) 有花嵁折直须折,莫待无花空折枝。

20.However big the fool, there is always a bigger fool to admire him. 傻瓜总会发现有比他更傻的人在赞美他. (存在即合理)(Nicolas Boileau-Despreaux)

21.Belief, then, is the great guide of human life. 信仰是生活的向导. (David Hume)

22.Other people's harvests are always the best harvests, but one's own children are always the best children. 别人的成就/收获怎么看都比自己的好,而自己的孩子怎么看都比别人的孩子好. (Unknown)庄稼是人家的好,孩子是自己的好。

23.There is no feast on earth that does not end in parting. 天下没有不散的宴席. (Unknown)

24.Everyone has some tricks they can do, but each has his own way of doing them. 八仙过海,各显神通. (Unknown)

25.Those who can lose shall gain; those who wish for gain shall lose. (Unknown)(勇于失败才有收获;奢望成功才会失败)有意栽花花不开,无心插柳柳成荫./阴差阳错.输得起,才能赢;只想赢,就会输。

26.But she didn’t turn up. She could be with her friends right now laughing at him. 但她没有露面 .( 可她却不见人影。)也许她这会儿跟朋友在一起,正在取笑他呢。(P7)

27.Well, he was not going to hold his breath for her to apologize. He would drown his sadness in coffee. 他不想屏息等她来道歉,他要用咖啡来解愁。

28.he thought she would keep her word. 他认为她会守信用的。Can I have a word with you? 我能和你说几句话吗?

29.It was obvious that the manager of the coffee shop was waiting for Li Fang to leave----he wiped the tables, then sat down and turned on the TV----just what Li Fang needed! 很明显,咖啡馆里的经理在等李方离开一一他擦好桌子,然后坐下来,打开电视机。这正合了李方的意!

30.While she was on earth she met the herd boy Niulang and they fell in love. 她在人间遇到了牛郎,两人相爱了。

31.When the Goddess of Heaven knew that her granddaughter was married to a human, she became very angry and made the weaving girl return to Heaven. 当王母娘娘知道自己的孙女跟一个世上的凡人结了婚,她勃然大怒,强行把织女带回到天宫。

32.Finding that Zhinü was heart-broken, her grandmother finally decided to let the couple cross the Milky Way to meet once a year. 看到织女伤心欲绝,最后王母娘娘决定让这对夫妻每年跨过银河相会一次。

33.People in China hope that the weather will be fine on that day, because if it is raining, it means that Zhinü is weeping and the couple won’t be able to meet. 中国人都希望这天天气晴朗,因为如果碰到下雨,这就意味着织女在哭泣,两个恋人不能见面。

34.When foreigners hear about t he story, they call it a Chinese Valentine’s story. 外国朋友听到这个故事就将它称作中国的情人节。

35.As he sadly passed the tea shop on the corner on his way home, he heard a voice calling him. 在回家路上,他神情失落地走过拐角处的一家茶馆,听到有人叫他的名字。

A man called Smith a man calling Smith一个自称是Smith的人a man calling一个正在打电话的人

36.There was Hu Jin waving at him and calling , “why are you so late? I’ve been waiting for you for a long time! And I have a gift for you!” 那是胡瑾在向他招手,她喊道"你为什么这么晚才来呢?我一直在这儿等你好久了!这是我送给你的礼物! "

Unit1 Festivals around the world workbook翻译

1. 那照片让她想起淹死在海里的爱人,她哭了。当她走出房间时,尽管已拭去了泪水,但仍掩盖不住脸上的悲伤。(remind…of; drown; weep; wipe; sadness )

The photo reminded her of her lover who had drowned at sea, and she wept. Although she had wip ed all her tears away when she came out of the room, she could not hide the sadness on her face.

2. 多年来,这位身居墨西哥的老人日夜梦想着回到自己的祖国。(Mexico; day and night)For many years this old man who lives in Mexico has been dreaming day and night about going ba ck to his homeland.

3. 这位精力旺盛的诗人也没有能够找出这些词的起源。(energetic; poet; origin)

The energetic poet could not find the origins of the words.

4. 我们又见面了,他为自己没有信守诺言而向我道歉,并希望我能原谅他。(keep one’s word; apologize; forgive)

When we met again, he apologized to me for not having kept his word and asked me to forgive hi m.

5. 根据专家们的预测,他会荣获今年金鸡奖的最佳男演员奖。(prediction; award; rooster)According to experts’ prediction, he will win the best actor at the Golden Rooster Award this year.

6. 很明显,他在尽力屏住呼吸。(obvious; hold one’s breath)

It was obvious that he was trying to hold his breath.

7. 如果你没有获得夜间泊车许可,就不能在此停车。(parking; permission)

If you haven’t got a night parking permission, you can’t park your car here.

8. 下周举行的大会是为了纪念他们的祖先100多年前来到这个村庄。(take place; in memory of; ancestor; arrival)

The meeting that will take place next week is in memory of their ancestors’ arrival in the village o ne hundred years ago.

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